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A professionally managed organization and is an outcome of over 30 years of combined experience in implementation of various projects and design integration. We are a group of environmental engineers working to provide solutions to the environmental problems.

Products that we offer:

AEC deals in both designing & execution of waste-water treatment plants as well as turnkey plants and offers each and every type of electromechanical equipment.

MBBR media

Our MBBR media is made of the polymeric materials with the promoted additions of bio-enzyme. It improves the enzymatic catalysis. It is an advanced kind of suspension carriers. They are very easy to clean and require low maintenance. We serve them in lots of models and designs. It has a thermo form biofilm reactor and has strong ability to contaminant.

• Strong ability
• Flexible
• Low investment
• Less sensitivity to shock loading
• Clog free operation
• No channels or dead spots
• Provides high Bio – Surface Area
• Make Bio-Reactors extremely compact
• No backwash needed
• Black colour
• No Sludge return Systems Needed
• Longer Media Life
• Extremely easy to install
• Longer Media Life

SAFF media

This product range combines high specific surface area with a large number of mixing points per unit volume to facilitate superior performance over a wide range of hydraulic wetting rates. This range of media provides the highest efficiency of BOD removal and is the media of choice for trickling filters, SAFF systems, hybrid bioreactors as well as nitrification and denitrification filters.
Height (mm): 27
Application: TF /SAFF
Longitudinal Pitch (mm): 76
Spiral Angle (degree): 28
Mixing Points: 6000
Standard Sheet Size L X W (mm): 1200 x 600
Maximum Recommeded Fill Sheet Size L XW (mm): 1800 x 600
Surface Area/Unit Volume (m2 /m3): 110
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature (C): 55
Recommended Minimum Fill Thickness (mm): 0.3
Voidage: > 97 %
Average Dry Weight (kg/m3) (varies with thickness: 30

Tube Settler media

Clarification/Sedimentation is the most important stage in the field of waster water treatment. The most efficient sedimentation systems have high settling surface area whilst maintaining a small structure. Our clarifier media provides a large settling surface area within the specified volume thus giving high flow rates. They have a chevron shaped self-supporting structure in a tubular form with six sides. They are primarily used in applications like water treatment, primary & secondary clarifiers in wastewater treatment.
MOC: Virgin PVC, UV Stabilized
Shape: Boomerang - Chevron
Fitting: Tongue and groove
Thickness: 1mm +/- 0.1mm
Plan Settling Area (at 60 degrees slope): 12 m2/m3
Plan Settling Area (at 55 degrees slope): 14 m2/m3
Cross sectional area: 69mm x 45mm
Hydraulic Radius: 1.11 cm
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature: 55° C